Free from judgement or bias
A Mission for

In the way we eat, move and live


Services at Balanced Nutrition and Yoga

Individual and Group Nutrition Counseling

Individual or small group/family nutrition counseling to address conditions or diseases related to diet and lifestyle.

Yoga classes designed to provide individualized attention for each student regardless of experience or abilities.


Supermarket tours are available for individuals or small groups.

Individual Yoga

One-on-one yoga instruction for new students or seasoned yogis looking to grow their practice

What We Offer

Balanced Nutrition and Yoga believes that everyone deserves to understand and appreciate their bodies. Our mission is to provide realistic information, education and instruction on the foods and physical movements that honor and heal our bodies.  We do not preach perfection in diet or exercise–there is no such thing.  We focus on steady and consistent progress towards sustainable wellness through nutrition and daily physical movement.

Our office line is currently down. Please call 610-715-4685 until further notice.
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