“Nutrition Is Too Complicated”

Much of my inspiration comes from my clients.  They instill in me a desire to learn more so I can share more. It is safe to say that much of my nutrition knowledge comes as a direct result of clients asking questions that I don’t know the answer to.  Because I am a bit of a perfectionist, when asked something for which I have no answer, I am instantly provoked to research until I have one and share it with anyone who will lend an ear.  So to all my clients who were patient and understanding when you heard me say “I don’t know I’ll have to find the answer to that for you,” I thank you.  You’ve helped me to learn and grow in my profession and hopefully I’ve been able to return that knowledge to you.

Though I don’t always have the answers, I sometimes do and a client that inspired me recently did so with a comment that I actually could respond to with little forethought.  This client came into my office seemingly exacerbated, sat down and immediately began sharing with me her recent frustrations with food and nutrition.  Finally, she looked and me and said “I need to stop reading about nutrition. Nutrition is just too complicated. I don’t know what I should do anymore. I give up.”  It’s a sentiment that so many people share today, one that evolves from the confusion and frustration of the never-ending conflicting information available online and in print.  Everywhere you look there is advice telling you to, “avoid this” and “eat that”, and as you try to decipher all of the “food rules” established by these less-than-experts we find the only thing everyone agrees on is that we “should” consume water.  Well, I can tell you that I didn’t need a degree in nutrition and years of experience to inform you that humans can not survive on water alone.

So what do we need? What should we eat? And more importantly what shouldn’t we eat?  Through my writing, I aim to share some of these answers with you, but I promise it won’t be in the way you think (and it may make some of you uncomfortable).  You’ll never hear me instruct you on what you should or shouldn’t include in your diet.  Instead, I’ll tell you what I have learned to be beneficial to our bodies’ overall health and wellness.  With that information, you can draw your own conclusion about what you want to eat.  My hope is to give you information, and power, to decide what makes the most sense for you nutritionally, what makes you feel good and what honors your body and mind.

You may be wondering what I said to my client who told me that “Nutrition is too complicated.”  To her and to anyone else who feels the same frustration I’ll say this: It is too complicated.  It’s entirely too complicated to understand completely. But the good news is–so are our bodies. And our bodies are capable of handling the complexities of food that we can’t comprehend because they are more complex than we fully fathom.  So for tonight my advice is simple and vague but extremely important: Eat well, eat often, eat as balanced as you’re able, and then let it go and let your body take care of the rest.

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